Outlander obsession grows 

June 28, 2019

Season 1 had 16 episodes, season 2 had 13. Season 3 began on September 10, 2017. 

I was 2 episodes behind on a Thursday so I only had to wait 3 days to see a first-run episode on Sunday night. 

Outlander new life

December 11, 2017

The background

My world was accidentally changed when I updated our cable package in late August 2017. I chatted with a nice AT&T Uverse rep about our soaring bills. He offered more channels at a lower price for 2 years. Yes, please! It included STARZ. 

September 15, 2016. The new channels appeared. I was flipping through the new channels and saw a promo for the upcoming season 3 of Outlander. It was a show I heard about and remember seeing this semi-dressed couple on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine. That same guy was on a display poster at the Scittish festival I attend every year in August. Clan “somebody” but I didn’t recall the name. My father is Scottish. We have a Clan tent every year. I hang out with him for a couple hours to keep him company. A year earlier at the festival I went to the music tent. 2 bands were performing that I wanted to hear. Seven Nations and Albannach. While there I was chatting with a nice gal who travelled from Kentucky to see Seven Nations.  She asked if I was a fan of their music. I said it was new to me. While chatting about Scottish music she asked if I watched Outlander.  She told me “you would live the show because it takes place in Scotland. ” That stuck in my brain. Then it happenned- I watched the first episode on demand. 

September 17, 2017

2 days later. I posted this fb brag at 1:14 am. I was addicted to the point of watching “just 1 more” at midnight. 

September 21

I binged 2 seasons. 29 episodes. 

September 22, 2017

The obsession is an addiction. I was deprived of sleep. Ignoring house chores. Do I binge to get up to real time or go slow? 


August 15, 2014

Not that long ago, in a world close to here….
We used have to remember numbers and addresses. I had every phone number memorized to all my friends and family. I used to have a bank account with 1 4-digit security.
That was 20 years ago and I have lost the ability to memorize. My computer offers to save passwords and logins for me, but then I am directed to change the password every 90-120 days in some programs. Now we are told to make our PaS$w0rDs so sensitive that a criminal is less likely to hack them. Well, now I’m getting locked out instead of the criminals. I have to keep a list of all my accounts!

Just off the top of my head I have to keep track of:
3 personal email addresses
2 YouTube accounts
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts
2 work logins
2 Investment and 3 Banking sites
Health site
School communication
Grocery store PIN
Cellular login PIN

I have been around computers since the early 80’s and a PET computer used a cassette tape for storage of data. So our technology has grown memory capability but my brain is reducing its memory.
I was going to keep going on this subject but I forgot what I was going to say.

School readiness

August 14, 2014

Child 1-My 3rd grader is sleeping until 11:00 am most of the summer. She begged to attend an acting camp for 2 weeks and wanted to quit after the 3rd day. She hasn’t been reading or writing. We text each other within the house on iMessage. So that should count for both.

Child 2-My kindergartener is not writing the whole alphabet with me, nor numbers. He doesn’t want to draw pictures, holds a pen in a strange way, and can’t open a go-gurt tube by himself . He wears his shoes on the wrong feet.

The next 3 weeks will be a battle to prepare both kids for the reality of school. The beginning of an exciting chapter of our lives. BOTH kids in school. Have I done enough to prepare my little one? I think he will be fine. I just need to let him try. He’s smart and he will be in good hands.

Hot summer

August 8, 2014

I’m 42 and I’m hotter than ever. It doesn’t mean I think I’m gorgeous but the hot flashes are happening. I break out in sweat while doing dishes. That is not heavy labor. It is quite funny because I used to be too cold all the time. When I had an office job I had to bring cardigan sweater with me to keep the chill away. If this is a 10 year process, I’ve got 8 more years to go. It’s embarrassing to have to wipe your brow during a conversation. I think it makes me look like a liar. Remember the movie “quiz show” when they made Herbert Stemple look bad on TV by shutting off the air conditioning?
That’s how it feels at random times of the day.
The only good thing is that I have to take a break from the dishes, the cleanup, and my other mom duties to sit in front of my oscillating fan.
Ahhhhh, cool breeze,
(Singing) “time for a cool change” by the Little River Band

Summer of 2014

August 8, 2014

My daughter loves to swim, but my son is afraid of stormy weather. We have not been to our swim club much this year. Instead I focus on getting the house in order. The inside looks like a daily tornado went thru but the outside isn’t looking too bad. I’ve been pulling weeds from the landscaping weekly. Today I finally removed a wandering tree that invaded a rose bush.
Though the weekdays are not as fun as I had hoped with kids at the pool, they are having plenty of down time, playing minecraft and other games.

It’s been great to be with the kids during the week and work on the weekends. My husband gets to do things with the kids while I work. The only down side is the family time (all 4 of us) has been limited but we make the best choice at the moment.

Visiting Colorado, no skiing required

March 22, 2012

I have never liked snow. I live in a cold winter state. Some of my high school friends were in the ski club. my parents did not take us skiing. I didnt want to try it until I was 24years old. a group of girlfriends invited me on  ski trip to Boyne Highlands in Northern Michigan. These ladies had skiied before and said that if I could roller blade or skate,then I could ski. Trying the bunny hill before a lesson, I gracefully kept my balance. Then the girls said I was ready to try a green run. I couldnt even get up the tow rope. Next I had a one-on-one lesson with an instructor. It was very helpful, so I thought I would be fine for the remainder of the weekend. One attempt down a blue run with the girls and I fell badly, getting bruised on my leg. That was the end of the skiing. A couple years later I tried it again, with similar results.
This trip to Colorado would not include skiing! Instead we found a hot springs resort and soaked away the aches and pains. at this age of almost 40, I do not seek adventure sports. My ideal vacation beaching, walking, and sightseeing. No thrills of the dangerous kind. But do I need to try them to demonstrate to my kids? Thats my only concern.

Have kids, will travel and argue

March 19, 2012

We take the kids on driving trips for family bonding and new explorations. it is more affordable than flying. Plus my husband and I like to drive. The kids are good travelers considering the restricting car seats and long driving days. We are fortunate to  have a portable DVD player. However, the 2 kids will disagree on which video to watch.
They get in trouble, we turn off the DVD player until the tantrum ends.
We plan 8 hour driving at the most, they usually nap 1-2 hours in the middle of the day. As we reach the day’s destination, they are wound up with energy, so we find a hotel with a swimming pool. Yesterday we stayed at a comfort inn suites with an indoor pool that was only 3.5 feet deep. My daughter was able to stand all the way across the pool. Plus there was a spa tub. The kids swam upon arrival then wind down for the night.
We’ve learned that bribery IS an effective learning tool. Also, hersheys chocolate is a great relaxant to allow the kids to nap. Today my daughter was willing to sleep if she could use my iPod afterwards. It worked!
See the USA in your Chevrolet

Bad Candy

March 19, 2012

while travelling, I let my daughter choose a treat at the gas station mart. She picked “lollipop paint shop”
It’s a paint -brush shaped lollipop that gets dipped into a powder for more sugar flavor. Thought it was like dip sticks. she thinks she saw it as a commercial on Nick cable.
feeling confident that she would lose interest quickly, I authorized the purchase. It says ages 4 & up. And there is a noticeable warning on the side of the powder labeling.

“If spill occurs on carpet do not sweat the powder. for dry spill vacuum completely. if stain appears or is wet do the following: saturate the stain with vinegar. use a professional steam cleaner vacuum to extract the solution….. do not use soap or any other over the counter solution on the powder”

that seems like a lot of warning over a bit of sugar, right? makes me wonder if it’s approved by the food and drug administration for HUMAN consumption. the ingredients seem normal lollipop sugar corn syrup lots of natural flavors and artificial colors.
we all have exposure to them.
then I actually ate the lollipop which is shaped like a paintbrush. it tastes like crap when you dip the lollipop in the sour cherry candy powder. unfortunately as you suck on the lollipop it becomes a sharp edge and you could very easily slice your tongue.
these problems minimized the original problem getting it out of the packaging. It should have been a sign, NOT to get it unwrapped.
Terrible sugar treat. Even my Kid didnt like it.



spot mopping, without bending over

February 26, 2012

Today I thought I had a spot cleaning tip. I’m sure someone else already had this idea, but I’m sharing anyway. All you need is a spray bottle of vinegar and warm water. Find some cleaning slippers (found mine at Meijer) and spot clean away very easily.